Chicken Breast Boneless



Early’s Chicken Breast Boneless

It is the meatiest cut of the Chicken. It came out from the breastbone and is very lean in protein. This chop is skinless and limber in texture. We deliver the highest grade, fresh, preservative-free lean meat with diverse fitness benefits. It packs with dietary values and tastes that will nourish you. Early’s Chicken breast boneless is supreme wonderful for your body. This Boneless Chicken is filled with vitamins, minerals, protein, promotes mind development, strengthens your bones, and aids in weight loss. It is one of the nutritious elements of the bird. Ideal for Grilled barbequed, fried, baked, fried.

The Add-on benefits of buying meat from Early Meat are as follows-

  • Free from antibiotic residue.
  • No boom hormone



Weight N/A

400GM, 1000GM


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