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Are you longing for Homemade nourished non veg? Early’s is the best fresh meat & seafood online shop in Delhi/NCR which delivers your favourite non veg to you at your door steps. Our product is natural and healthy as our professional team is there to provide you with the extraordinary experience so that you don’t have to buy meat from odourful markets anymore.

We have been serving meat and seafood for 35 years offline, our speciality is the flawless chops and hygiene at best prices.

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Fresh chicken home delivery

We at Early’s ensure the timely online meat delivery of your product along with all the quality measures as we make sure to deliver you the chicken within 24hours after ordering. We delivered it to you the same day after butchering. Our years of experienced team store your it in 0 degree to 5 degree celsius to maintain meat and seafood fresh and healthy.

Besides the quality, freshness, perfect cut we also provide you with 100% premium halal meat under the strict inspection of our professional experts. How to forget about food safety? Our professionals cut your product under food safety norms. Customer Satisfaction is our prime motive and our passion is to cater the nourished food on your dining table with perfect cut.

Why Fresh Meat?

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Freshness and juiciness are the key elements of our food flavour and although we are serving online we do not compromise with these two elements. Our long years of experienced team handles all the processes of mincing, smoking, chilling and freezing, ageing, trimming under their surveillance. Slaughtering, packing and delivery of your product are done on the same day itself.

Affordable online meat delivery

Are you afraid of ordering non veg online due to the high online meat delivery prices and low quality? No need to worry now as our ambition is to provide the best quality product at affordable prices to all the non veg lovers in Delhi/NCR as we value your money and love for meat both. Most of the meat shops offline first weigh the meat then clean however we first do the cleaning and afterwards weigh the meat that means you will pay for the quality meat only.

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Premium quality cuts and meats

We at Early’s are specialize for delicate cuts. As we have specialize quality cut machines and equipment that your offline neighbour non veg shop vendor would not have Our professionals chop it with sheer dedication and passion to provide you the exceptional experience. A perfect cut and high grade will give the texture and restaurant style to your favourite dish..

High customer satisfaction from online meat delivery

Early’s pride is their loyal customer’s satisfaction. Our customers taste and preferences are our supremacy and we are dedicated to provide an exceptional taste and experience to our meat and seafood lovers.

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